Good Evening

Good evening,

I’m enjoying a lot of soccer and the sun. World cup was great. Canoeing was awesome. I almost died but that’s another story. We lost to CE in our first match and about to play FSS tomorrow. I’m taking leave for TI8 which is super awesome and I’m looking forward to it. The handmaid’s tale season two was good (not better than first tho). I’m sure you are doing you. And I’m doing me. There are moments that remind me of you but it was moreso my imagination of you. It’s okay we are both in a better place now 😦



Que Sera Sera

What will be will be.
Acceptance is my virtue.
Inaction is my flaw.

Comes along love. Love changed me.

I acted.
I was happy.
Love gave me a reason.

(1) Comes along doubt. Doubt did not change me.
I did not act.
I regretted.
Doubt gave me a justification.

(2) Comes along doubt. Doubt changed me.
I acted.
But I did not act.
I regretted.
Doubt gave me a justification.
I am too proud to face my doubt.
I feared the truth would hurt.
I feared the lie would kill.
It was not fair for you; I’m sorry.

I am hurt.
I regretted it.
I deserved it.
Hey, you beauty.
Hey, you run-loving freak.
Hey, you over-working employee.
Hey, you grateful daughter.
Hey, you.
Forgive me.



Welcome to our blog. This is where I will be writing about her incredible moments she happened to share with me through my perspective. A little bit about me – I was a lost boy without a purpose. But now I’m not. Thanks to her.

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Hope you enjoy your stay.