Tech School: Keesler

B309 Holbrook
336 TRS, Red Wolves
Keesler AFB

It’s been almost two months since I my boots touched my new home away from home, Keesler. A lot of people has been telling me that my first priority here is to “study and graduate” which resulted in my trying my best to stay under the radar, minding my own business and get out of here as soon as I can. However, that plan was never going to work since day 1 (more on that later).


Snapshot of the beach right next to the front gate

My first impression of the place? Keesler was beyond fantastic. Of course it was, especially right after BMT. The place is heaven. It is beautiful. We’ve got the beach right outside the gate. The defac was amazing (I got addicted to getting omelet and fried eggs every possible mornings).  The environment and overall atmosphere were laxed. Cool leadership and a sense of friendliness all around. I get to have my own room and free time after duty hours. The PT is incredibly chill. All of this while I’m getting paid to attend technical school and take security plus exam all for free. What else can I ask for?


The marina on base


Keesler’s beach

Quickly, I had to adjust my initial plan due to a slight hiccup. Yeah, I was selected as a class leader right off the bat. Whoops.

“Okay, cool. I got this. It’s time for me to step up to the plate.” as I thought to myself.

You see, as a young A1C, sometimes I just wanted to enjoy my life. But then BAM! Everything changes when responsibilities hit you. And that’s when I changed my approached to this whole thing.


They know me as “Touch-a-cow” I’m proud to wear this uniform

As a class leader, my responsibility consists of making sure that everyone is accounted for and on time to the many briefings that the in-processing weekers as well as marching them to and from destinations. It didn’t take me long at all to get to know all of my 30 fellow airmen. It was a good opportunity to get to know my peers. In turn, I’ve become friends with many of my fellow wingmen and I appreciated the opportunity of becoming a leader.


The boys

As time progressed, my first impression hasn’t changed. Keesler is awesome. The course I’m taking is what I’m interested in. I love my job. I treasure every minute here and spend whatever time I can with my friends because I know I will have to leave soon as I found out that my next duty station will be in the UK. I’m excited for that adventure and cannot wait!


Beautiful sunset next to the running track

Finally, all these new changes also means that I have been spending almost two months time trying to adjust to the lifestyle. Time management is crucial. I feel like I did not get to spend time with you like I used to. Everyday I’m tired as hell but I rarely let that becoming an issue. Taking responsibility and thrive to improve myself has always been my personal goal. I spent my personal time to get better at myself whether it be physically, intellectually, or mentally. Sometimes I burned out and crash. Sometimes I feel weak. But when I do get a chance to get read your messages and or hear your voice – it is the sweetest and I feel like I could take on anything. I’m glad to have you by my side.

You made the bad times good, and the good times better.


Miss you more than these sands



PS. ของขวัญวันเกิดถึงข้อมือนางแล้ว คนเลือกได้สีเข้ากะเนื้อมาก ใส่แล้วดูดี เบิร์นไปกี่แคลโชว์ผลงานด่วนน




One thought on “Tech School: Keesler

  1. อ่านไปยิ้มไป 🙂
    นี่เห็นภาพยังชอบเลย กำลังพยามมโนไปว่าอยู่ตรงนั้นด้วยกัน
    ไปวิ่งด้วยกัน มันคงจะดีขึ้นไปอีก 10เวล

    อิพ่อเก่งทสนลล แม่เป็น กลจ ให้นะคะ
    บางทีก็อิจฉา ความพยาม ความฝึกฝน ความทุ่มเท
    ความได้ทำในสิ่งที่บางครั้งต้องฝืน แล้วสุดท้ายผลลัพธ์มันดี

    ตอนนี้ทำเป็นอย่างเดียว HIIT ให้ปอดงอกมาอีกข้าง
    จะได้หายใจทัน เป้าหมาย speed 16 ถ้าทำได้ จะได้มีฟีลลิ่งนั้นกะเค้่าบ้าง
    ฮึ้บบบ สู้ๆ บอกตัวเองด้วย บอกพ่อด้วย 5555

    คถนคดขม ❤ x 8


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