Twenty Five

Happy Birthday, cutie!

I can’t be there with you right now, so forgive me
I don’t want to wish you all the bests, because you are the best
I don’t want to wish anything more or less, because you are perfect as is

I wish you.
25 years | 25 reasons

 Welcome to the world, young one Your eyes are the brightest 
Taken by your sweetest love, mom and dad Always wanted the best for your parents
Turned three and learned how to talk พูดเพราะน่ารัก and it turns me on
Silly little girl Always make me laugh.
Pre-school: making friends I love your stories
Your chubby cheeks I can kiss them all day 
Por 1: school You’re a smart !
Your warmest hugs I couldn’t get enough of it. 
You make me smile non stop.
It’s been a decade And I still haven’t met you yet. 
Your grace Your beauty.
Graduated elementary You are persistent.
KKW Thank goodness I finally found you.
Gorgeous 14 I didn’t know what to do with you then.
Your friendship I treasured every moments.
Your neck I still remember your scent 
Your body best.
You grow Your resiliency
University The best cheerleader that I never watched
Your long hair That I loved playing with
Your determination Goal-oriented
Your talents DJ apple! MC ple!
Your fat tummy  ตะเข็บ ❤
Your LEGS! Pure bliss
That’s you  แง่งขิง

25 years 25 reasons
Why I love you

Special mention: ขอบคุณแม่เล็กจริงๆสำหรับลูกสาวของแม่
PS: ในส่วนของของขวัญวันเกิดนั้นรอรับได้กับไปรษณีย์นะจ๊ะ น่าจะถึงได้แล้วมั้ง?!

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