Kubota: Ang Thong




I missed you

Since I was not briefed much about this trip and the events leading up to and what follows after, I have no clue about the overall goals and what exactly will be achieved throughout the entire process. But being me, the smartest and wisest little boy I am, I will try my best to speculate and maybe educate myself while trying to make sense based on little information that I was provided by her.

What do I know about this province? Literally nothing, except the fact that its name remind me of a golden bathtubs aka Jacuzzi. But to be real: “The provincial seal shows some golden ears of rice in a bowl of water. This symbolizes the fertility of province as one of the major producers of rice” is not that far off of what I had in mind at all.

So I did some quick wiki search, Ang Thong consists of mostly agricultural land which makes perfect sense for her company (Kubota) to hold an educational trip there. Now, as for what and where exactly – I have no idea and with that in mind,

Here goes:


Artifact 1: I could only assume this is photo was taken as she is in the rice field swamp. Notice the fat legs and thighs 😀


Artifact 2: A tray with food. Now this one is not difficult to decipher. We got self-packed eggs and various goodies on a lunch plate. Of course she enjoyed this as anyone should.


Artifact 3: On her way to local Buddhist temple was a beautiful morning view of rural Thailand. This truly reminds me of a simpler lifestyle that was adopted among many older generations. Funny how things have changed.

Besides the collection of a handful digital photographs, she also learned many of the local, homemade products, and I quote:

 มาเข้าฐานทำน้ำหมักป้าเชง. 5555

ทำสบู่ น้ำยาล้างจาน น้ำยาซักผ้า. บลาๆๆๆ

 And that concludes her mini adventure. I know that she did not feel 100% going into this assignment and it appeared that the trip itself involved a lot of physical activities in a new environment. So rest, sleep, and catch up on yourself. Stay healthy!

Get better soon


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  1. เกือบ 2วีคแล้วค่ะคนดี



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