A Winter in Texas

“Days go by slowly, but weeks go by fast”

“It gets better”

That’s what they told me anyways.

Cold and hot shifted swiftly in the mist of humidity like a chameleon changes its color.

Texas, oh Texas, I had no idea what you had in store for me. You gave me 8 weeks of basic military training. You gave me 8 weeks of intensive life changing lessons, countless memorable moments, best worst experiences and lifelong friendships. I’ve learned plenty: resilience, core values, warrior ethos, and the mentality of a professional airman. And most of all, you gave me 8 weeks of hell. You took away the people that I care, although temporary. You are my best yet my worst and I hate to love you.

The day starts around  5 am. Some sooner, but no later. A typical day consists of running up and down four set of stairs a countless time, standing in the cold morning breeze under the atrium, and marching under the sun in a humid San Antonio weather. Add in running for 30 mins or pyramid push ups and there is the typical day at BMT before lights out at 21:00.

Of course  I did not take in account those days where I was woken up at 02:30 to perform entry controller duty. Those days where the instructors screamed in my face. Those days where things just cannot go right and you feel down; low on energy and mental will to go on. The only thing I can hope for is tomorrow to be better. And maybe I get my cellphone back.

As days go, my body slowly adjusts to the training and routines. Eventually, the whole basic military training become tolerable to the point where I feel comfortable. However, as days go, it also gets harder because that means I have been away from her for that long. Strangely enough, it was the thought of her that kept me going.

A winter in Texas can get cold and lonely. But it wasn’t. It was a test of my physical fitness and psychological strength. Moreover, it was a test for my little baby heart; you were here all along.

No matter how my days went, there is only one question that matters.

So, how has your day been, Apple?

What are you doing on the opposite side of the world?

Do you have anyone to talk to? I hope you are doing okay.

What are you eating?

Have you been running like you promised?

What about work? Bosses? Coworkers?

Your family doing well?

How did you celebrate your new year?

I missed your voice. Your smile. You are the sweetest.



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