Beautiful Mind

It’s Sunday evening and I’m here imagine your Monday morning. You are over there getting up early, working hard as per usual. I think missed you. How have you been? You went to sleep early yesterday I did not get a chance to say goodnight. Hope you got a good rest. Fresh and ready for an upcoming week before heading back to your hometown next weekend. Did I mention that I missed you?

Past couple days has been rough for Thailand in terms of the public atmosphere. People are encourage to show griefs and sadness. It is an emotional time on a national level. This event sparks a lot of controversial issues among the people when something like this would be a non-issue over here. What’s going on over there exposed a deep-rooted divide in the ideology and attitude of the unique government approach  for the Thais. Beyond that, it showed another dimension of you that I have learned to appreciate personally. And once again, I fell for you.

For the longest time, I believe that it will be difficult for me to explain my political views to people around me because of it it such a delicate subject matter. Moreover, it is even harder to share these set of political stance to my peers from Thailand because of my because of the western ideologies and influence. It is vastly different and most of all has been ignored and oppressed in  systems which is designed from the top.

Being educated in the US exposed me to the set of beliefs that individuals should be guaranteed of freedom and equality and pursuit of happiness. It is their given rights. However, it some countries, these ideas still lack behind and has not been at all realized throughout the general public. It saddens me that some people do not understand their individual rights as a human being, and Thailand is no exception.

Therefore, I’ve never thought that the person I would come to love so much would just straight up share a lot of the same ideas and values. Over the past couple of days I have come to learn that she is indeed the special one. It took me zero second to convince her that otherwise because she already understand the basics of what an individual should. I was beyond happy to learn of this.

We got to share a lot of small talks and back and forth comments. It shows her real understanding of individuals rights that, sadly, a lot of people do not realize. General public are often misguided and fell into the constant propaganda. The divide in the country often stems from the top. Nonetheless, it was amazing to know that we can discuss and laugh together over the hilarity of politics and public opinions of certain things. We had a blast and I thank you for that.

I predict that a lot of changes are going to be installed in the near future. There is an opening in power and a lot of high ranking individuals will get involved. Thailand is going unstable for quite a while and there is a big mess approaching. Who really knows what will happen. All I care is that you stay safe and healthy.



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